Utorak, 16 Jula, 2024


Today Trade Union Academy of the Confederation of Autonomous Trade Unions of Serbia has officially started its work through the realization of the first seminar, which was attended by the representatives of the Youth and Women Sections.
The importance and improvement of social dialogue, procedures and phases of collective bargaining, negotiations about the salaries and other benefits covered by the collective agreement, as well as the effects of the pandemic on the labour market and employees’ economic status were the topics at the seminar.
Presenting these important topics, CATUS experts listed normative framework and examples from practice while participants pointed to their experience and asked questions which are important for further trade union work.
Regarding the fact that this is the first seminar within the Trade Union Academy, CATUS Council Secretary Zoran Mihajlović greeted participants and presented the goal and importance of the Project. He proposed that they should first get information about the economic situation in the country, learn more about the methods and tools of trade union struggle in order to imporove employees’ economic and social position in their surrounding and organizations. Mihajlović called upon youth and women to educate and encourage themselves to take part in decision-making process in their organizations and the CATUS.
Seminar, attended by 26 participants, was organized within the Trade Union Academy which is an element of the international Project which the Confederation of Autonomous Trade Unions of Serbia is conducting in cooperation with the European Trade Union Confederation. Within the work of Academy eight seminars will be organized in the cities of Serbia. They are aimed at capacity-building of the organization and its members for further activities in newly formed circumstances.
This huge and unique project is of strategic importance, not only for the European Trade Union Confederation and trade union movement, but especially for national trade union confederations. As a result of this project, they will strengthen the capacities of their organizations and members in new conditions and changed industrial relations.
Apart from Trade Union Academy and topics of trade union interest, participants were informed about the activities in creating web portal, digital data base of members and mobile application which will enable more visibility of the organization in public and place the information at members’ disposal, which will increase organization’s efficiency.

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