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The CATUS is growing up into a modern and efficient organisation

From its first Congress organised in 1945,
there were 13 more Congresses of our Confederation.
The last one was held in Belgrade on May 27, 2010

At the 14th CATUS Congress the way was paved to a modern and efficient organisation, which will more successfully represent its members and be an important component of our society and international trade union movement.
The presence of around 1000 participants has shown the importance of this grand gathering in the House of Trade Unions in Belgrade, during which it was announced that the CATUS would continue its active and constructive work with the employers and the Government. It would also lead workers in their struggle for social progress and make efforts for a greater trade union presence in our society – especially having in mind today’s complex social and economic situation.
The Congress was attended not only by numerous guests from branch and territorial trade union organisations, but also by the President of the Republic, ministers and representatives of employers and other national institutions.
The Congress was also attended by 27 foreign delegations - representing international trade union organisations and friendly trade unions from Europe and the whole world. There were also representatives from 6 foundations with whom the CATUS has been carrying out common projects.
At the beginning of the Congress the participants could listen to “The International”. Afterwards, there was a film about the history of the world trade union movement and the beginnings of our 107 year-old trade union organisation.
In the introductory speech the President Ljubisav Orbović pointed out to the fact that there had never been more reasons to be concerned about the future than in these times when the living conditions are rapidly worsening, the jobs are hard to find and workers’ rights are under attack.
Since 2002 we’ve had 213 dismissals every day. This trend is going on, so now there are more than 780,000 unemployed men and women. Unfavourable financial situation has led to a decrease in living standard and a fast rise of poverty. Around 110,000 employees receive minimum salaries while 160,000 work without being paid, Orbović was precise.
According to his words, all of this led to an enormous dissatisfaction causing a great number of work stoppages, strikes and rallies. New forms of employees’ struggle and the length of strikes show that social situation in the country is getting more complex every day.
‘We were right when we pointed out that the main source of the difficulties we are facing is a badly managed privatization of a huge number of enterprises. The proof of this is the fact that 25% of sales agreements have been annulled and this trend continues. Legal proceedings are underway, property is being devastated and many enterprises are going into bankruptcy.v Orbović reiterated the CATUS willingness to opt for a dialogue as a permanent way of solving problems and the best means to achieve a better financial and social position of the employees. However, if there is no dialogue or if the dialogue is not leading to а solution, we would not hesitate to use other legal means in the struggle to reach our aims.
Continuing its work the Congress has elected new members of the Auditing and Statutory Committees. It also adopted the Congress resolutions on social dialogue, collective agreements, working hours and privatization, as well as the declarations on the implementation of internal reforms, new Statute and protection of workers in Kosovo and Metohija.
To the post of the CATUS President the highest organ of the organisation elected Ljubisav Orbović who so far performed that duty temporarily. In his final speech Orbović stressed that he was greatly honoured by the election which also made him extremely responsible for the future of the organisation and added he intended to continue dealing with the CATUS reforms and its financial consolidation.
He thanked the delegates for their contribution to the Congress, which once again showed importance and seriousness of the CATUS.
“I hope that in two years time we shall be able to adopt a new Statute and implement reforms enabling us to become a modern and efficient organisation. In that way we shall be more successful in representing our members and playing major role in our society and internationally”, he concluded. As one of the CATUS priorities Orbovic especially emphasized the importance of struggle for conclusion and implementation of branch collective agreements as the firmest guarantee that both employees’ and employers’ rights and obligations would be respected.
The Congress was covered by various media which regularly informed the public about its proceedings.


List of foreign delegation (in alphabetical order)

International organisations

  • ITUC
  • ETUC
  • WFTU
  • ILO
National confederations

  • FSLB
Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • SSSBiH
  • SSRSfrom the Republic of Srpska
  • VER.DI
  • GSEE
  • CGIL
  • UIL
FYR of Macedonia
  • SSM
  • SSCG
  • ZSSS
  • UGT
  • FPSU
International foundations