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The Confederation of Autonomous Trade Unions of Serbia is composed of 28 federations in industry and public sector, having in total 505,111 members.
It is the most representative and biggest trade union confederation in Serbia.
The affiliation of employees and protection of their rights stem from the activity of 3,248 basic trade union organizations established in companies and other work units. The affiliation is voluntary and without any national, religious and political preconditions.
In order to protect the employees and their rights in the autonomous provinces, cities and municipalities, the CATUS has established 51 regional and 118 shop-steward organisations.
We are a strictly workers’ organisation independent of all political parties and movements. We use all methods of trade union action, negotiating and struggling with employers, government, government bodies and other economic, social and political institutions. Respecting the principle of solidarity we cooperate with other trade union confederations in Serbia.
Affiliated to the ITUC and having the observer’s status within the ETUC, we strive to contribute to the common trade union struggle for a more equitable and stable world where the principles of individualism and free market will be complemented by the principles of solidarity and societies’ control over production and distribution.